CMDF unlocks more opportunities through its flagship program – ECOMTCP

The 71 participants of the AMO Seminar watching the AVP prepared for ECOMTCP.

Ms. Ofelia R. Usigan, Acting Division Chief of CACD, spearheaded the launch of the Enhanced Construction Managers’ Training and Certification Program (ECOMTCP) to the attendees of the Authorized Managing Officer (AMO) Orientation Seminar sponsored by the PICE – Makati Chapter last 30 January 2020. As part of the requirements to present the output of Ms. Usigan’s study of the Construction Managers’ Training and Certification Program (COMTCP), she discussed the benefits and action plans of ECOMTCP which will be aligned to ISO 17024 for international recognition.

The study aims to improve the features of COMTCP by thoroughly reviewing the existing program according to job analysis and competencies as well as reviewing the eligibility requirements for the applicants as there is a display of significant difference when grouped by years of experience. Two (2) certification tracks were also introduced, the ECOMTCP Track 1: Regular training and certification scheme (targeted at CPMs with at least three years of construction management experience) and the ECOMTCP Track 2: Recognition of prior learning and experience (targeted at more experienced CPMs). Alongside, an action plan will also be executed to ensure the implementation scheme and promotional activities of the enhanced program.

Overall, ECOMTCP is designed to produce and ensure competent CPMs who are capable of executing projects that may encompass various construction classification including infrastructure projects from the Build! Build! Build! program.