Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Training and Seminar

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) training/seminar is one of the most important components in company’s management system. It gives employees an opportunity to learn in performing their jobs safely and productively. It brings new ideas into the workplace, reinforce existing ideas and practices, and it helps to put safety and health program into action. 

Everyone in the company will benefit from occupational safety and health trainings/seminars through fewer workplace injuries and illnesses, reduced stress, and higher morale. An employee who receives the necessary training is more able to perform their job safely and productively. The OSH trainings/seminars will give the employee a greater understanding of their responsibilities, their roles, and in turn, build their confidence. This confidence will enhance their overall performance and this can benefit the company. Productivity, profits, and competitiveness will likewise increase as production costs per unit, turnover, and workers compensation rates lower.

CMDF’s OSH trainings/seminars are designed in compliance with the statutory requirements of the OSH standards. Basically geared towards paradigm-shift to help the employee imbibed the desired behaviors. Behaviors that we hope would lead for the formulation/adoption of company’s safety policies, procedures, rules, and best practices as shared by well experienced competent industry DOLE Accredited OSH Practitioners and Consultants. As such, the CMDF offers to the industry the following OSH programs:

  1. Construction Occupational Safety and Health Course for Site Safety Officers (COSH) leading to becoming SO2;
  2. Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH);
  3. 1-Day Safety and Health Orientation for Workers (10-Hours) leading to becoming SO1;
  4. Loss Control Management (LCM), an advanced safety and health course; and

Road Construction Safety