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1. What is the COMTCP ?

The CMDF Construction Managers’ Training and Certification Program (COMTCP) is a program to train, evaluate and certify construction engineers at supervisory and managerial levels who have/had been engaged in general building works through an organization or agency recognized by the Pilippine Contractors’ Accreditation Board (PCAB).

2. What is the rationale and benefits behind the certification system ?

The COMTCP certification system involves the assessment of the competence of construction Project Managers, Project Superintendents and Project Supervisors. COMTCP requires strict adherence to internationally accepted standards of construction project management performance.

Certification provides the assurance that only competent managers and superintendents may handle large and complex projects. To date, there are a total of 255 project managers and superintendents certified for General Engineering, General Building and Specialty Construction (as classified by PCAB}. Construction Contractors with CMDF certified project managers/superintendents reap additional benefits as they are awarded by PCAB additional three (3) credit points in the upgrading of their accreditation license  to a higher category. e. g. Category “AA” to Category “AAA”.

3. Who can get certified ?

The certification program covers Project Managers (PM) and Project Superintendents (PS) who were not certified in the initial run of the COMTCP , and the current site engineering heads/supervisors for the Project Superintendent level, and certified PS for the Project Manager level.

4. What are the Requirements when applying for a certification ?

The applicant PM or PS shall fully accomplish CMDF Application Form (COMTCP Form 10) to include description of job exposure and trainings/seminars attended. The applicant shall also include the following attachments: certificate of PS certification (for applicants for PM level), PRC license and certificate of employment.

5. What is the job description of Project Managers and Project Superintendents ?

The Project Manager takes care of the over-all management of a construction project from pre-construction stage to post construction stage relative to its scope, quality, safety, work schedule, project budget and environmental protection. The PM can be at the project site  to attend to matters requiring direction and decision making and at other times outside of the project site to represent the company in liaison or meeting with other parties. His organization can operate autonomous from the headquarters.

The Project Superintendent on the other hand  spends most of the time in the project site supervising and monitoring the execution of the project to ensure that plans and schedules are met. He anticipates any changes in the original scope of work and submits his evaluation to the PM. He conducts meeetings on project evaluation and provides instructions.

6. How is job exposure evaluated ?

The job exposure will be evaluated based on the number of years of practice in the required project designation and the number and size of the projects the applicant has handled under such designation. COMTCP Eligibility Requirements for each category are detailed by clicking the following Links:

7. How is the performance of the applicants evaluated ?

The performance will be evaluated by the applicant’s ability in planning, execution and control following the plan, do, check and act cycle on the biggest project handled.

8. How will the trainings already attended at the time of application be evaluated ?

The trainings will be evaluated based on the course content, number of training hours and training institutions which conduted the training.

8.1 What is the significance of meeting the required credit units for eligibility ?

Meeting the required credit units implies that an applicant may be given the option not to undergo the training courses designed and conducted by CMDF or other recognized training institutions before taking the technical examination.

8.2 What are the other training institutions aside from CMDF where training credit units ca be earned ?

Training units can be earned from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), UP NEC or other training institutions recognized by CMDF.

9. What is the scope of examination ? 

The examination shall civer the following which are likewise the components in training.

9.1 Construction Methods.  Different work execution methodologies and processes including the other specialty works, various project site layout combinations.

9.2 Construction Management. All aspects of construction project management (pre-construction planning, implementation, project close out stages) based on the contract documents and appliccation of management tools.

9.3 Laws and Regulations. Different laws and regulations in building construction related to execution.

CMDF invites construction contracting companies to join us in this program considering the current circumstances of globalization, fast changing technology and the booming construction industry. Become a globally competitive company by having a pool of qualified and CMDF certified project managers/supervisors as well as enjoy the benefits of additional credit points awarded by PCAB for upgrading your Contractors’ Accreditation license!  Contact Us -click link .

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    Can I apply for Managers Training and Certification? Thank you very much!

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