This e-Learning session is equivalent to our 40-hour course accredited by the DOLE-OSHC on Construction Safety and Health (CoSH) Course for Site Safety & Health Office. It is one of the major requirements by the DOLE for accrediting Safety Practitioner/Consultants and for anyone who wanted to make a career in the area of Safety & Health in construction. It provides participants with an in-depth insights about the various responsibilities of a Safety Officer concerning safety and health program implementation in construction. The course will make participants become aware of the requirements of the OSH Standard its rules and regulations as applied to construction.

E-Learners will be guided in their learning experience by their Coaches/Mentors, all are DOLE Accredited Practitioners/Consultants with field of expertise in the construction industry. The course with a prescriptive duration of two (2) months to complete is composed of five (5) sessions. Each sessions are composed of several modules or topics prescribed by the DOLE.  Participants will be required to submit to their coaches/mentors their work assignments for each module. Only after they passed with their work assignments from their Coaches/Mentors they will be allowed to proceed to the next module/session. Pre-requisite may be given by each Coach/Mentor for each module.

It is also necessary to verify that the e-Learner is really the one who is involved in this learning experiences, at the end each session, the e-Learner and its Coach/Mentor should undergo a brief interview through video conferencing using Skype, Viber or other means. The Coach/Mentor is responsible in determining that the e-Learner indeed acquired the learning objectives substantially from the session.

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